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What was new in version 5 ?

What's new in version 5.7 ?

  • New packages for Delphi/C++Builder XE7 Win32/Win64!!!
  • Support for VCL Premium Style Pack for registered users of RAD Studio XE7
  • Bug fixed: possible "stack overflow" when closing the DataSet (XE6 only)

What's new in version 5.61 ?

  • Support for VCL Premium Style Pack for registered users of RAD Studio XE6
  • Improved drawing of data column/row lines for Custom Styles in Windows 8
  • Improved drawing of SelectedRow for some Custom Styles starting from XE2
  • Improved mouse handling for common using of CheckBox column and dgMultiSelect

What's new in version 5.6 ?

  • New packages for Delphi/C++Builder XE6 Win32/Win64!!!
  • Support for new custom styles in XE6: Glossy, TabletDark

  • Enumerators added to several classes of TXDBGrid component. You can now use:
    for Bookmark in XDBGrid1.DataRows do
    for Bookmark in XDBGrid1.SelectedRows do
    for Bookmark in XDBGrid1.SelectedRows.OrAllRows do
    for Bookmark in XDBGrid1.SelectedRows.OrCurrent do
    for Column in XDBGrid1.Columns do
    for Column in XDBGrid1.SelectedCols do
    for Column in XDBGrid1.SelectedCols.OrAllCols do
    for Column in XDBGrid1.SelectedCols.OrCurrent do
    for Bookmark in XDBGrid1.Totals do
    for TotalValue in XDBGrid1.Columns[I].TotalValues do

  • New option dgScrollRowsMode added to OptionsExt property
  • Improved use of mouse Shift-Click during rows selection
  • Improved use of mouse wheels with Shift or Ctrl key down
  • Optimized scrolling speed at the large number of columns
  • Width of columns is now automatically scaled when the grid is scaled
  • Bug fixed: dgHotButtons option could raise AV when changing the DataSet
  • Bug fixed: dgTitleHeaders option leaves a black line with the CustomStyles
  • Bug fixed: X-DBGrid Designer could raise AV when other plugins are installed

New X-DBGrid community !

New X-DBGrid Community

The new community for X-DBGrid Component was just created on Google+. All present and future users of X-DBGrid Component and Embarcadero Delphi are welcome here.

Join to Delphi X-DBGrid Component Community now.

What's new in version 5.5 ?

  • New packages for Delphi/C++Builder XE5 Win32/Win64!!!
  • The ShowBlob property accepts also ftWideMemo fields
  • Default value for property EditMemo changed to True
  • Bug fixed: X-DBGrid's white background problem was solved (RAD 2010 only)
  • Bug fixed: X-DBGrid Designer's problem with large screen fonts was solved

What's new in version 5.4 ?

  • New packages for Delphi/C++Builder XE4 Win32/Win64!!!
  • Support for FireDAC (AnyDAC) moved from XDBGridsADD.pas to XDBGrids.pas unit
  • Support for *.gif, *.png graphics in BLOB fields without using of GraphicEx from 2010
  • New switches: GIFIMAGE and PNGIMAGE defined in Conditionals.pas include file
  • Improved working of dgTitleWidthOff option includes GridStyle.TitleColMargin property
  • Bug fixed in InplaceEditor.CMMouseWheel when working with using remote desktop

What's new in version 5.32 ?

  • Support for Windows 8 (unsupported default FixedTheme has been changed)
  • New option dgForceSystemTheme forces System Theme under Windows Vista/7
  • New functions in TXDBGrid class: IsSystemTheme, IsThemeTransparent

  • New option dgForceCustomized forces csCustomized state of Columns (in run-time)

  • New methods in TXBookmarkList class (SelectedRows): Save, Restore
  • New methods in TXColumnList class (SelectedCols): Save, Restore
  • New methods in TXDBGrid class: SaveSelection, RestoreSelection
  • New option dgAutoKeepSelection keeps selection during RefreshDataSet
  • New option dgAutoKeepSelection keeps selection during ChangeDataSetOrder
  • New XDBGridsADD/ADO/CDS/FIB.pas units support dgAutoKeepSelection option
  • New functions in TXDBGrid class: KeepPosition, KeepSelection
  • Improved drawing of selected cells in TXDBGrid (System Style)

Compatible with Delphi XE3 Compatible with C++Builder XE3 Compatible with RAD Studio XE3

What's new in version 5.31 ?

  • Full support for C++Builder XE3 Win64 (Update 1 is required)
  • All examples using BDE are restored for RAD Studio XE3 Update 1
  • New option dgScrollGridMode added to OptionsExt property
  • New option dgScrollPageMode added to OptionsExt property

What's new in version 5.3 ?

  • Support for new StyleElements property introduced in RAD Studio XE3
  • New StyleElements property introduced and supported also in RAD Studio XE2
  • New SystemStyleElements property for Windows >= Vista (RAD Studio XE2, XE3)
  • New IsSystemStyle function to detect new System Style (RAD Studio XE2, XE3)
  • Improved drawing of fixed and/or selected cells in TXDBGrid (System Style)
  • Improved drawing of sorting markers and buttons in TXDBGrid (System Style)
  • Improved drawing of TXPopupCalculator (System Style, Custom Styles)
  • Improved use of TXPopupCalendar for Windows >= Vista
  • Removed restrictions for using checkboxes with dgAlwaysShowEditor option
  • Added support for ODAC (TOraQuery/TOraStoredProc) in XDBGridsADD.pas file

New System Style
New System Style
Notice: The new System Style is automatically applied when Windows >= Vista. Exclude all elements from SystemStyleElements property or either set class property TXDBGrid.SystemStyleEnabled to False to prevent using the new System Style.

What's new in version 5.2 ?

  • New packages for Delphi XE3 Win32/Win64 and C++Builder XE3!!!
  • Full support for 8 new Custom Styles introduced in RAD Studio XE3!!!

What's new in version 5.11 ?

  • TXHintWindow supports Custom Styles (RAD Studio XE2)
  • TXHintWindow supports Themes under Windows 7 (RAD Studio >= 2009)
  • TXDBGrid supports balloon hints (CustomHint) (RAD Studio >= 2009)
  • TXDBGrid sets ActiveRecord before OnCellHint event is triggered
  • Bug fixed for Paste operation when InplaceEditor has EditMask (RAD Studio <= 2007)

  • Checkbox in Caption area of TXFGroupBox, TXFRadioGroup, TXFCheckGroup
  • New TXFGroupCheckBox class with properties: Action, Checked, Enabled, Visible
  • New TXFCheckBoxAction type defined for Action property (caNone, caDisable, caEnable)
  • New CheckBox property for TXFGroupBox, TXFRadioGroup, TXFCheckGroup, TXDBRadioGroup
  • New OnCheckBoxChanged event for TXFGroupBox, TXFRadioGroup, TXFCheckGroup

What's new in version 5.1 ?

  • Full support for Custom Styles introduced in all components (RAD Studio XE2)!!!

  • Restored TXDBGrid.DoubleBuffered for right-to-left mode since 2007 (no flickering)
  • Improved drawing for TXDBGrid.DataCol/RowLinesColor=clNone (when no data lines)
  • New dgMarkerClearAllowed option in TXDBGridOptionExt
  • New TXDBGrid.DrawingOptions published property
  • New TXDBGrid.Gradient.ShadowFactor published property (gradient's luminance)
  • Bug fixed in TXDBGrid.LinkActive when TXDBGrid's descendant uses internal DataSet
  • Bug fixed in using of TXDBGridSettings.DefaultSection
  • Some minor bugs fixed in using of TXDBGrid component

  • New TXDBNavigator.DrawingStyle published property (classic, gradient, themed)
  • New TXDBNavigator.ApplyTheme published property (themed buttons)
  • New TXDBNavigator.Kind published property (vertical navigator)
  • New TXDBNavigator.Gradient.ShadowFactor published property (gradient's luminance)

  • New XDBGridDesign main demo (with using ClientDataSet and Custom Styles for XE2)
  • New XDBNavigators main demo (with using ClientDataSet and Custom Styles for XE2)
  • Updated XDBControls demo (with using vertical navigator for each Delphi version)

  • New StylesEnabled public function (RAD Studio XE2)
  • New TXFGradient.FillCanvas class public procedure
  • New TXFGradient.ShadowColor class public function
  • New TXFGradient.ShadowFactor published property
  • Extended and improved TXFGradient.FillCell method

  • New DrawingStyle published property for TXFButton, TXFBitBtn, TXFSpeedButton
  • New ApplyTheme published property for TXFButton, TXFBitBtn, TXFSpeedButton
  • New Gradient.ShadowFactor published property for TXFButton, TXFBitBtn, TXFSpeedButton

  • New TXFPanel.ShowCaption published property
  • New TXFGroupBox.PartialBackground published property
  • New TXFRadioGroup.PartialBackground published property
  • New TXFCheckGroup.PartialBackground published property
  • New TXDBRadioGroup.PartialBackground published property

  • Updated XFButtons demo (with using gradient buttons for Custom Styles in XE2)
  • Updated XFButtons demo (with using gradient buttons under Windows Themes)
  • Updated XFControls demo (with using PartialBackground property)

Custom Gradient Style
Custom Gradient Style
Custom Themed Style
Custom Themed Style

What's new in version 5.01 ?

  • Fix: TXDBGrid's Columns Editor can delete also inherited columns
  • Bug: Fixed AV after using Glyph.LoadFromFile/LoadFromResourceName
  • Add: Support for PostgresDAC (TPSQLQuery/TPSQLMacroQuery) in XDBGridsADD.pas

What's new in version 5.0 ?

  • New packages for Delphi XE2 Win32/Win64 and C++Builder XE2!!!
  • All design-time packages redesigned and improved!!!
  • New powerful X-DBGrid Designer installed in IDE!!!
  • Extended lookup columns system defined in TXDBGrid
  • New TXColumn.LookupColumn property (read only)
  • New TXColumn.LookupResultField, KeyField property
  • New loAllowAdjustOrder option in TXColumn.ListOptions
  • New TXDBGrid.DrawingStyle property is now main drawing style switch
  • New TXDBGrid.Gradient.Cells property for gradient drawing data cells
  • New TXColumn.CheckBoxThemed property for classic and gradient style
  • TXDBGridSettings.SetLayout optimized for grids with many columns
  • WideString replaced by (Unicode)String where it was possible
  • Source code improved and unified between IDE versions
  • Some other improvements and minor bugs fixed
  • New XDBGridLookup example

What was new in version 4 ?

What's new in version 4.4 ?

  • New package for RAD Studio XE (Delphi XE, C++Builder XE)!!!
  • New OnCellDblClick event for TXDBGrid component

I have a pleasure to inform of X-DBGrid Component 4.4 and X-Files Components 4.4 have been also published on Embarcadero RAD Studio XE Partner DVD.

What's new in version 4.33 ?

  • New CharCase property for editing columns of TXDBGrid component
  • Support for ftWideMemo fields in TXDBGrid component
  • Support for chinese Unicode WordWrap property

What's new in version 4.32 ?

  • Bug fixed (black cell) for a CheckBox property (some versions of Delphi/C++Builder only)

What's new in version 4.31 ?

  • New ColumnNames default property to can use syntax XDBGrid1['CustNo']
  • New functions: OrderFieldsToIndexFields, IndexFieldsToOrderFields
  • Extended syntax for RegisterChangeOrder, ChangeIndexFields, CurrentIndexFields
  • Added support for AnyDAC 1.x (TADTable/TADQuery/TADClientDataSet) to XDBGridsADD.pas
  • Added support for AnyDAC 2.x (TADTable/TADQuery/TADMemTable) to XDBGridsADD.pas file
  • Added support for UniDAC (TUniTable/TUniQuery) to XDBGridsADD.pas file
  • Important bug fixed 'Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset'
  • Setting BiDiMode = bdRightToLeft forces DoubleBuffered = False (for RAD 2007/2009/2010)
  • Bug fixed during mouse scrolling for BiDiMode = bdRightToLeft
  • Some other minor bugs fixed

What's new in version 4.3 ?

  • New MultiSelection system extends all existing mouse and keyboard functions!!!
  • New MultiSelectOptions extends dgMultiSelect option for rows, columns and cells
  • New MultiSelect property indicates type of current multiselection selected by user
  • New multiselection's properties: MultiSelected, RowsSelected, ColsSelected
  • New SelectedCols: TXColumnList list of columns (similar to existing SelectedRows list)
  • New multiselection's events: OnSelectedColsChanged, OnSelectionChanged
  • New read-only properties: RowsSelection, ColsSelection, RowsChanged, ColsChanged
  • New CopyToClipboard method to copy selected cells to the Clipboard (use Ctrl+C)
  • New ForEachDataCell loop method to iterate over all/selected cells in the grid

  • New OptionsExt published property to specify new various options for the grid
  • New dgMouseScrolling option for scrolling data in the grid with mouse button down!!!
  • New dgMouseTracking option for tracking data cell in the grid when mouse move over
  • New loAutoComplete list option introduces AutoComplete functionality for a column!!!
  • New loAutoCloseEditor list option closes editor after selecting value from the list

  • New AddAutoNumber and AddAutoSelect functions defined in TXDBGridColumns class
  • New dgAutoNumberColumn option for auto-created column with AutoNumber property
  • New dgAutoSelectColumn option for auto-created column with CheckBox property
  • New global constant and function for AutoNumber: DefAutoNumberFormat, AutoNumberStr
  • New global constants for AutoNumber column: DefAutoNumberTitle, DefAutoNumberWidth
  • New global constants for AutoSelect column: DefAutoSelectTitle, DefAutoSelectWidth

  • New dgGridStyleLists option introduces new visual style for lookup and pick lists!!!
  • New loShowGridListTitles list option allows to show column's titles for lookup list
  • New loAllowChangeOrder list option allows to change order in lookup list
  • New loAllowColumnResize list option allows to change column's width in lookup list
  • New loAllowColumnMoving list option allows to move columns in lookup list
  • New loExpandFirstColumn list option allows to create expandable lookup list
  • New loFirstColumnExpanded list options allows to drop down expanded lookup list
  • New published properties for a column: LookupListTitles, LookupListWidths
  • New events for a grid: OnListDropDown, OnListCloseUp to customize drop-down lists
  • Auto-calculated height/width of drop-down lists when DropDownRows/DropDownWidth=0
  • New global constants for all drop-down lists: MaxDropDownRows, MaxDropDownWidth
  • New global switches for all drop-down lists: ListDropDownDelay, ListMouseTracking

  • New dgAutoUpdateListItems, dgDelayUpdateListItems options to update AutoLoadLists!!!
  • New method and event for AutoLoadLists: UpdateListItems, OnListItemsUpdated
  • New poAutoLoadList pick option allows to automatically update PickList for a column
  • New poAppendToList pick option allows to extend design-time's contents of PickList
  • New poFormatPickText pick option allows to format items from PickText and PickList
  • New poFormatListOnly pick option allows to show formatted items only for the lists
  • New poSortedByText pick option determines sorted list for LoadPickText method
  • New universal method LoadPickList/LoadPickText to load data into PickList/PickText
  • New published PickTextFormat property to store format of PickText list's items
  • New global constant DefPickTextFormat to store default format of PickText list

  • New SelectedColumn public property (similar to SelectedIndex, SelectedField)
  • New properties: DataColLineColor, DataRowLineColor, FixedLineColor, HighlightText
  • Added support for MyQuery/MyTable dataset to XDBGridsADD.pas file (MyDAC Software)
  • Improved creation of sorting markers bitmap (speed optimalization)
  • Improved DCCXDBGridXXX.bat/DCCXFilesXXX.bat batch file self-installs recompiled package
  • Updated VCLXFilesXXX.dpk files contain names of latest packages of QuickReport
  • Updated Conditionals.pas files contain switches for latest versions of QuickReport
  • Updated XDBGridDemo1/XFilesDemo1 example allows to test new functionalities
  • Updated Developer's Guide and context help file (over 100 topics added)

Delphi 2010 Compatible C++Builder 2010 Compatible RAD Studio 2010 Compatible

What's new in version 4.23 ?

  • Package for Delphi 2010 Win32 & C++Builder 2010!!!

I have a pleasure to inform of X-DBGrid Component 4.23 and X-Files Components 4.23 have been also published on Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010 Partner DVD.

Embarcadero Delphi 2010 Partner DVD Embarcadero C++Builder 2010 Partner DVD

What's new in version 4.22 ?

  • Included printable Developer's Guide in PDF format (227 pages)!!!
  • TXQRGrid ready for using with QuickReport 5.0x for Delphi 2009
  • Improved Calculator adjusted to InplaceEditor font style and size
  • Improved Calendar adjusted to InplaceEditor font style and size
  • Improved dgExtendedSelect option for mouse Shift+Click
  • Improved Format property for TXColumnTotalValue
  • Improved drawing of StripeColor for BlankRow
  • Improved Tab key navigation for dgAlwaysShowEditor with loAutoDropDown list
  • Support for MouseWheel for DataList and PickList
  • Support for FIBPlus: added to XDBGridsADD.pas and XDBGridsCDS.pas
  • Support for FIBPlus: new file XDBGridsFIB.pas for TpFIBDataSet (local sorting)
  • Fixed drawing of CheckBox column for empty DataSet
  • Fixed drawing of AutoNumber column for empty DataSet
  • Fixed tracking title button when roColumnMoving is not included in ResizeOptions
  • Fixed MouseCoord function for expanded columns with hidden titles
  • Fixed dgSelectedAutoHidden option when dgRowSelect is included in Options
  • Fixed dgSelectedAutoHidden option when dgDelaySelectedRows is not included
  • Source code unified and compacted, some other minor bugs fixed

What's new in version 4.21 ?

  • Package for Delphi 2009 Win32 & C++Builder 2009 with Update 1 & Update 2!!!
  • Some minor bugs fixed

I have a pleasure to inform of X-DBGrid Component 4.21 and X-Files Components 4.21 have been also published on CodeGear Delphi and C++Builder 2009 Partner DVD.

CodeGear Delphi 2009 Partner DVD CodeGear C++Builder 2009 Partner DVD

What's new in version 4.2 ?

  • Package for Delphi 2009 Win32 & C++Builder 2009 with support for Unicode!!!
  • Some minor bugs fixed

What's new in version 4.12 ?

  • Package for Delphi 2007 for .NET is now available!!!
  • Package for Delphi 2007 Win32 & C++Builder 2007 with Update 3!!!

Notice. Update 3 for Delphi/C++Builder 2007 is required to install version 4.12.

I have a pleasure to inform of X-DBGrid Component 4.12 and X-Files Components 4.12 have been successfully tested and published on CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 Partner DVD.

CodeGear Delphi 2007 Partner DVD CodeGear C++Builder 2007 Partner DVD

What's new in version 4.11 ?

  • Package for C++Builder 2007 is now available!!!

  • Support for MBCS WordWrap and Ellipsis (FarEast)
  • Support for BCD numbers for totals calculations
  • New demo applications for ADO and IBX
  • Code optimization, some bugs fixed

I have a pleasure to inform of X-DBGrid Component 4.11 and X-Files Components 4.11 have been successfully tested and published on CodeGear C++Builder 2007 Partner CD.

What's new in version 4.1 ?

  • The package for Delphi 2007 for Win32 is now available!!!
  • Support for Windows Vista themes is just available!!!

  • Auto-updated quick sequence number (dgAutoUpdateSequence, dgDelayUpdateSequence)
  • Auto-changed sorting order for all standard DataSets (ADO, BDE, CDS, DBX, IBX)
    (dgLoadCurrentOrder, dgAutoUpdateOrder, dgAutoAscendOrder)
  • RegisterChangeOrder procedure to register other typical DataSets
  • RegisterCustomChangeOrder procedure to register other specific DataSets
  • XDBGridsADD, XDBGridsADO, XDBGridsCDS additional units to register classes/methods
  • Universal methods of changing order: ChangeDataSetOrder, SetupCurrentOrder

  • Integrated totals rows (dgTotalHeader, dgTotalValues, dgTotalFields, dgTotalFooter)
  • Auto-calculated column totals values (dgAutoUpdateTotals, dgDelayUpdateTotals)
  • Auto-calculated column totals values for whole DataSet and/or for SelectedRows
    (dgCalcWholeDataSet, dgCalcSelectedRows, dgDelaySelectedRows, dgCalcInvisibleRows)
  • Auto-hidden totals rows for SelectedRows (dgSelectedAutoHidden)
  • Dynamic totals rows for Totals.DataSource (to show result of SQL's GROUP BY clause)
  • Many variants of drawing totals cells (dgTotalColLines, dgTotalDataBoxOnly,
    dgTotalHeaderBox, dgTotalValuesBox, dgTotalFieldsBox, dgTotalFooterBox)
  • Drawing of totals cells compatible with FixedStyle & FixedTheme (Totals.BoxStyle)
  • New classes for totals cells: TXColumnTotal, TXColumnTotalValue, TXDBGridTotals
  • Available TotalResult: trCaption, trDataField, trTotalField, trCalcValue
  • Functions: cvSum, cvAvg, cvCount, cvMax, cvMin, cvFirst, cvLast, cvUnique, cvCustom
  • Possibility to sum up and format results of any data type (Format, FormatAsFloat)
  • New notification events: OnSelectedRowsChanged, OnSequenceUpdated,
    OnOrderUpdated, OnTotalsUpdated, OnTotalClick, OnTotalCalcQuery, OnTotalCalcValue

  • Introduced Captions in XDBNavigator (ShowCaptions, Layout, Margin, Spacing)
  • New XDBGridTest demo to check sequence number, sorting order and totals values
  • Many others enhancemets and improvements, some bugs fixed
  • Updated context help file

I have a pleasure to inform of X-DBGrid Component 4.1 and X-Files Components 4.1 have been successfully tested and published on CodeGear Delphi 2007 Partner DVD.

Turbo Professional Compatibility

  • All packages for BDS 2006 are compatible with appropriate versions of Turbo Professional
  • To self recompile packages or demos by using *.bat files, dcc32.exe/dccil.exe (command line compiler) should be downloaded from Borland, due it's missing in Turbo Professional

Turbo Delphi Professional Compatible Turbo Delphi for .NET Professional Compatible Turbo C++ Professional Compatible

What's new in version 4.0 ?

  • Common packages for Delphi & C++Builder (each contains 11 versions of components)
  • Improvement in setup file (less then 4 MB) - it uses more efficient file compressor now

  • Introduced Gradient property - new style in all visual components placed in the package
  • Introduced a set of properties & options to select gradient drawing style (many variants)
  • Introduced a set of properties, methods & events to implement gradient in other controls

  • New classes: TXFGradient, TXFGradientButton, TXFGradientBackgrnd, TXFGradientProgress
  • New gradient buttons: TXFButton, TXFBitBtn, TXFSpeedButton, TXFUpDown
  • New gradient panels: TXFGroupBox, TXFRadioGroup, TXFCheckGroup, TXFPanel
  • New transparent controls: TXFLabel, TXFStaticText, TXFCheckBox, TXFRadioButton
  • New gradient bar controls: TXFStatusBar, TXFTrackBar, TXFProgressBar
  • New db-aware controls: TXDBNavigator, TXDBText, TXDBCheckBox, TXDBRadioGroup

  • Introduced support for ParentBackground property in classic Windows (not only for XP)
  • Introduced Windows XP Themes under Delphi/C++Builder 5 & 6 for all new controls
  • Introduced new Windows XP themes in navigator (property FineTheme)
  • Introduced new borders for buttons in classic Windows (property Fine)
  • Introduced "hot button" functionality for buttons in classic Windows
  • Fixed flicker visibled in standard controls during Resize
  • Fixed bugs encountered in standard controls

  • New demos: 5 new examples to show new look and functionality
  • Updated context help file contains over 750 topics now

What was new in version 3 ?

What's new in version 3.63 ?

  • Support for WideString field names for Delphi/C++Builder 2006 Win32 version
  • Extended selection keys for dgExtendedSelect (Home, End, PgUp, PgDn, Ctrl+A)
  • New loAutoTodayClose option in ListOptions
  • Some minor bugs fixed

What's new in version 3.62 ?

  • The package for Borland Developer Studio 2006 is now available !!!
  • Support for Delphi 2006 (Win32 & .NET) and C++Builder 2006

  • Source code of TXQRGrid component for Delphi 8 for .NET, Delphi 2005 Win32 & .NET
    and Borland Developer Studio 2006 is now available (in Professional version only)

Borland Developer Studio 2006 Partner DVD

I have a pleasure to inform of X-DBGrid Component 3.6 package has been successfully tested and published by Borland on Borland Developer Studio 2006 Partner DVD.

What's new in version 3.6 ?

  • Introduced new TXDBGridSettings class and Settings property
  • Support for saving and loading column layout to/from ini file
  • Support for saving and loading column layout to/from registry
  • Support for saving and loading column layout to/from stream
  • Support for saving and loading column layout to/from string
  • Main settings options: soLoadLayout, soSaveLayout, soUserSettings
  • Other settings options: soOrderFields, soLinesCount, soStretchMode
  • Support for saving and loading additional properties (OnLayout)
  • Some minor bugs fixed

What's new in version 3.5 ?

  • Introduced drop-down calculator to edit numeric fields (cbsCalculator)
  • Introduced drop-down calendar for Date & DateTime fields (cbsCalendar)
    with (loShowToday, loShowTodayCircle, loShowWeekNumbers, OnCalcBoldDays)
  • Introduced drop-down data list for any field (LookupDataSet, LookupKeyField)
  • Extended drop-down list for lookup fields (LookupListFields)
  • Support for drawing *.ico, *.wmf, *.emf, *.jpg in TXDBGrid (from BLOB fields)
  • Support for drawing *.ico, *.wmf, *.emf, *.jpg in TDBImage (TXGraphicField)
  • Support for drawing *.png, *.gif, *.tif, etc. - Professional version only
  • Extended support for graphic BLOB fields (TXBlobField, TXGraphicField)

  • Support for printer page width matching (roAutoCalcPageWidth)
  • Support for hidden columns printing (roPrintHiddenColumns)

What's new in version 3.4 ?

  • The package for Delphi 2005 (.NET & Win32) is now available !!!
  • Support for selected cell drawing (SelectCellColor)
  • Support for mouse wheel events (OnMouseWheelDown, OnMouseWheelUp)
  • Little changes in source code to unify all versions

I have a pleasure to inform of X-DBGrid Component 3.4 package has been successfully tested and published by Borland on Borland Delphi Partner CD. This CD is delivered together with Delphi 2005.

What's new in version 3.3 ?

  • Support for flat scrollbars (FlatSBMode, ScrollProp) !!!
  • Enhanced scrollbars (AutoHidden, Color, Style, ThumbBar)
  • Support for expanded/contracted columns of any type (ExpandCols) !!!
  • Enhanced expand button (ExpandStyle, cesDropDown, cesDropDownMenu)
  • Enhanced checkboxes adjusted to FixedStyle (CheckBoxStyle, CheckBoxKind) !!!
  • Enhanced markers adjusted to FixedStyle (MarkerStyle, MarkerTransparent) !!!
  • Enhanced drawing of hot buttons adjusted to FixedStyle (HotButtons) !!!
  • Enhanced drawing of grid border adjusted to FixedStyle (Ctl3DAuto)
  • Enhanced drawing of list border adjusted to FixedStyle (ListBorder)
  • Enhanced drawing of focused cell in the grid (FocusRect)
  • Improved drawing of fixed cells for RightToLeft BiDiMode
  • Enhanced edit ButtonStyle (cbsDropDown, cbsDropDownMenu)
  • Improved edit ButtonStyle drawing adjusted to scrollbars
  • Improved drop-down list drawing (DropDownMenu, DropDownWidth)
  • Support for editor cell and list drawing (EditorColor)
  • Support for stripped rows drawing (StripeColor)
  • Support for selected rows drawing (SelectionColor)
  • Support for current row drawing (SelectRowColor)
  • Enhanced support for mouse wheel (WheelScrollRows)
  • Enhanced record moving (Position, GotoPosition, DataRowCount)
  • Enhanced columns resize (ResizeOptions, roOptimalWidth, roDefaultWidth)
  • Support for speed or quality drawing (DoubleBuffered)
  • Extended internal list of indicator images
  • Corrected and improved using of dgAlwaysShowEditor option
  • New column's dialog options for TXDBColumnsDialog (DialogOptions)

  • New report's dialog options for TXDBPrintColumnsDialog (DialogOptions)
  • Support for storing report to the file in many formats (SaveToFile)
  • Support for stripped rows printing by TXQRGrid (StripeColor)
  • Support for printer setup (PrinterSetup, roPreparePrinterSetup)
  • Support for printer settings (roKeepPrinterSetup, roKeepDesignPrinterSetup)
  • Support for preview settings (PreviewSettings)
  • Many, many little enhancemets and improvements has been implemented

What's new in version 3.2 ?

  • The package for Delphi 8 for .NET is now available !!!
  • Little changes in source code to unify all versions
  • RightToLeft BiDiMode example added to Demo1
  • RightToLeft BiDiMode support improved
  • ADT fields support improved (TXQRGrid)
  • PopupMenu handling bug fixed (TXDBGrid)

What's new in version 3.1 ?

  • Support for vertical text alignment in XQRGrid's cells (roAllowVAlignment)
  • Automatic row height adjustment for all/selected columns (AutoRowHeight)
  • Automatic row height adjustment for vertical bands (roMultiPartRowHeight)
  • Fixed columns can be repeated on each report's vertical band (FixedCols)

What's new in version 3.0 ?

  • The package for C++Builder 5 & 6 is now available
  • The package for Delphi 3 & 4 is no longer available
  • 100% compatibility between Delphi and C++Builder code
  • Included fully automatically installer/uninstaller

  • Support for Windows XP Style (IsGridThemed, FixedTheme, dgHotButtons)
  • Standard, XPStyle or user defined grid spacing (GridStyle, VisualStyle)
  • Proportional scrolling for any DataSet, even filtered (dgForceSequence)
  • Support for horizontal and vertical scrollbar tracking (dgThumbTracking)
  • AutoNumber for any DataSet, even filtered (AutoNumber, RecNumber, RecCount)
  • Many small changes and extensions to improve run-time code

  • SaveReport can now store report either as *.pas or *.cpp file
  • The report can be now autoprepared (PrepareNeeded, AfterPrepare)
  • TXQRGrid supports autonumbering (AutoNumber, RecordNumber, etc.)
  • New SysData values available in TXQRGrid (rdPageNoPerCount, etc.)

  • New components TXDBColumnsDialog, TXDBPrintColumnsDialog

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