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The best Delphi DBGrid component 
and QuickReport VCL Grid control Components
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X-FILES SOFTWARE company has been founded in 1990. For the last couple of years all new projects have been developed in Delphi. In 2004 the X-Files Software first time obtained a status of Embarcadero Technology Partner and it joined very few companies all over the world that have this honor.

All X-Files Components have been developed by Krzysztof Szyszka, computer science engineer and developer of many database systems, lecturer at the Borland Developer Days 2000 and 2001 Conference organized in Warsaw by Borland Poland.

If you experience any technical problems, please feel free to contact me for support. I will try to answer your questions within 24 hours.

Krzysztof Szyszka, X-Files Software
Developer of X-Files Components
Embarcadero Technology Partner

What people say ...

"Bardzo dziekuje za informacje i oczywiscie jestem zainteresowany upgradem nawet jesli mialbym zaplacic, warto za Twoj produkt naprawde warto."

Andrzej Gorniak, Poland

"Thanks a lot for your quick respons, it gives always a good feeling if a responsable person stays behind a produkt."

Martin Kloter, Germany

"Excellent, great work! You have solved my problem. Thank-you very much."

Robert Wahler, USA, Georgia

"This is a very well-conceived and executed dbgrid component. Good work!"

Randall Edens, USA, Texas

"Thank you for the reply - not only is your component great, but your support is superior! The Delphi community is fortunate to have developers such as yourself."

Ken Blackstain, USA, New York

"SERDECZNE DZIEKUJE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kazdy Upgrade, ktory napiszesz kupie ! Dzis liczy sie wsparcie techniczne !!!"

Tadeusz Ciszewski, Poland

"I was appalled by how most new databases have no RecNo value so DBGrids cannot scroll! I was about to make a new component for it. It would have been a hard, long job.

Then I found your component.

It works like a dream, and also it is cleverly designed, organized, easy to understand and use.

Thank you for making almost EVERY database finally useable!"

Steve Philipp, Canada, Ontario

"A very good and intuitive grid control. THE ONLY ONE I WILL PUT IN MY PRODUCTS!, Delphi 5 - going to 7 for a short-run and then onto Delphi 8"

Peter Custer, USA, Rhode Island

"First things first. Congratulations for your product X-Files.

I am using some of the most known grids, like DevExpress Quantum Grid, InfoPower Grid, EhLib and, of course, X-Files. For major projects I use mostly DevExpress and InfoPower with or without one of the other two. For quick projects I use X-Files and EhLib.

And... Guess what ?

X-Files is by far the grid that I use the most.

Why ?

Simple... I can make maybe one major project in one year but I make several small project in the same year. And X-Files is the fastest to develop and create a beautiful output with a very easy user interface. So my main priority are fast developing, good appearance and easy user interface."

Jose Neves, Portugal

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Borland Technology Partner X-Files Components by Krzysztof Szyszka 
The best Delphi DBGrid component 
and QuickReport VCL Grid control

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X-Files Components by Krzysztof Szyszka 
The best Delphi DBGrid component 
and QuickReport VCL Grid control
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